Saturday, 28 December 2013

New year, new post!

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Happy New Year, to my blog and to my faithful blog followers!

I have finally figured out what's wrong with this blog, what I want to achieve, and what's missing from all the other blogs out there. 

I don't expect you to believe me... I have proven myself to be a bit flaky with this blog - it's just a blessing I'm not quite so flaky with my fitness!

My revelation came when I realised, when reading other people's blogs, that I fall between the cracks. There are basically two types of blogs aimed at women who lift weights:
  1. Blogs for beginners (ie. articles about why weights are good to lift)
  2. Blogs for women who can lift three times their body weight and want to do more (okay, a slight exaggeration) 
I'm fully in the middle:
  • I cannot do a pull-up
  • I can barely do a press-up do to an annoying shoulder weakness
  • I love eating chocolate
  • I do not want to be a fitness model or compete on stage
  • I do not want to eat endless meals of chicken and broccoli (although I love both, three meals a day based on the same food makes me want chocolate even more)
  • I sometimes choose not to go to the gym because it's raining, I'm meeting a friend, I'm working (as an author, work strikes at random times and there's nothing I can do about it)
  • I am at my ideal weight, although I'd like to lower my body fat by 2-4%
  • I want to have the perfect body... but I don't want it that much! 

If any of this sounds like you, this might be the blog for you. I am going to use this blog to write about me and my training, things I've overheard in my gym, to share tips and links that will be useful.

And most of all, I'm going to get out there and find more followers - hopefully that will give me to incentive to keep this blog up and running (this time). My plan will be to post once a week... that's achievable, right? Even I can do that... Let's find out together!

Have a very Happy New Year and I'll be back next Saturday...