Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Working those inner thighs!

The word is ouch.

My inner thighs are burning, and all because I used a balance board yesterday.

I used it ages ago and felt the burn in my stomach muscles - the kind of pain where you can't even sneeze without holding your sides and groaning.

Well, remembering that, I thought I'd add it to my workout on Tuesday evening. I'd already done some squats, so it seemed like a good way to finished off my abs (because, yes, your abs get a good workout when you squat).

I spent about five minutes on the board, because my balance is very bad. By the end, I'd kind of got it. Then I stopped, cooled down and went home.

This morning I waited for the pain in my abs, but it didn't appear. I spent all day walking around and waiting for the moment. And yet, no pain. Until just a moment ago, when I stood and realised my inner thighs were screaming with pain.

So there you have it - forget those silly adductor and abductor machines and simply stand on a balance board.

And that's my top tip for today. Lunges are also good for the inner thighs, as well as doing a good 20-30 minutes of high intensity intervals to burn the calories. Surgery is unnecessary!

Friday, 22 February 2013

If Fred can do it...

This is not Fred!
One of the first people I met when I started work at my gym was Fred (not his real name!). Fred had just turned 80 - he came to the gym and walked for about two hours at a time on the treadmill, then went home again. That was his entire routine. Granted, for older people, it's the companionship just as much as the exercise itself that keeps them coming back, but they might as well get the most out of the gym too.

On my first morning, I got talking to Fred. "Hi Fred, did you know there are other pieces of equipment in the gym, and some of them might be more beneficial?"

"Kind of, strange gym lady, but they all look very scary."

"Ah Fred, come with me."

And I created a monster. A good monster, though - Fred is my inspiration.

Firstly, I put him on different cardio machines - bikes, rowers, cross-trainers - and then I introduced him to the weights. It was a slow process - all weights progression should be slow, and especially for older people. But gradually he has added a variety of exercises, and keeps upping his weights. Just this week he's managed to lift 42kg on his seated row, 30kg bench press, 75kg leg press. And he's determined to increase them. In fact, my job has turned from encouraging him to taming him! He even runs on the treadmill in intervals.

When I look at Fred, I see the 83 year old I aim to be. He has an infectious outlook, and I'm glad he was one of my first clients!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What does 200 calories look like?

Work, writing and weight training are getting slightly in the way of my posts here, but I just want to share this interesting link with you.

wiseGEEK have posted pictures of food all equalling 200 calories. Most of it is obvious, but there are still a couple of surprises.