About Me

I joined the gym in January 2000, when my eldest child was four months old. After only putting on half a stone during my pregnancy, I added another stone during my maternity leave (he was a very quiet baby who slept a lot!). My weight that January was 12st 8lbs (176lbs/80kg).

I reached my lowest weight in June 2008, after having a second child in 2004, when I weighed 9st 3lbs (129lbs/58.5kg). I've now settled at around 9st 7lbs (133lbs/60kg).

I enjoyed working out so much that I retrained, and I've been a gym instructor since 2008: I am qualified to REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor.

Please take this blog as my opinion and nothing more; although you can be sure that what I write here is what I advise my clients at the gym. Apart from my own weight loss, I've seen what has worked for other people, and I have plenty of first-hand anecdotes to basis my opinions on. I hope you enjoy this blog. I'd love to hear from you - I'll take any questions, comments and criticisms.

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