Friday, 28 December 2012

New Year, new start!

I started this blog at the beginning of 2012, and then promptly forgot about it except for random postings. In hindsight, 2012 would have been a great year for a fitness blog...

Never mind, 2013 is a new year, and I'm sure there will be lots more fantastic things I can write about. The name of this blog has changed slightly - I've added the word Revived! I'm hoping this will motivate me to write about my other great love - fitness!

So, to get this blog properly revived, I need your help. What would you like to know? Is there a burning fitness question you're dying to ask? Do you need motivation? Are you bored with your routine and looking for a change?

Are you looking to lose weight in 2013? Or gain it?

Or do you have a great tip you want to share with other people?

It's over to you... for a little while, at least!!


  1. I have the motivation problem, I'm afraid. I managed to lose about 12lbs last year - which is about half what I aimed to lose - and then stalled. In the couple of weeks before Christmas I was down below 60kg after trying for a while to lose an extra bit, but now I have frustratingly gone just over 60 again even after thinking I'd try not to put weight back on over Christmas.

    I think what made the difference when I did lose weight was keeping a food diary coupled with exercising a bit more (exercise bike at home), but when work got busier I found it harder to find the time and energy to exercise and plan food ahead.

    1. Hi Amy, that'll make a great post of its own - watch this space in a couple of days!

      12lbs is a lot to lose - well done :-)

  2. I have motivation for about six weeks when I do everything I am supposed to without cheating but for some reason the weight hardly shifts (4lbs) and I give up.?i know I shouldn't but motivation is hard as I don't have friends who are in the same boat or who live near, so doing it on my own holds me back. Saying that, I focused on inner self last year and saw great progress & would love to do that this year on the outside. I have a lot to lose as in a whole other person, ideally 7-8 stone. It's a lot but I am determined. I need to reach a place where I can then work towards fitness goals, I would love to run a marathon. So in summary, motivation for working out on your own.

    1. Running a marathon is a great goal, don't lose that. Losing weight and fitness go hand in hand - fitness is the first thing that noticeably improves before weight loss, so don't ignore getting fitter! The fitter you are, the more you can exercise, the more weight you lose, the more you can exercise, the fitter you are... That's better in a diagram, but you get the idea!

      Losing weight slowly isn't a problem - if you read the next few posts, you'll get an idea what's going on inside your body, in laymans terms. If not losing weight fast enough puts you off, don't weigh yourself - focus on walking around the park quicker, or some other goal.

      As for the working out alone... practise, learning to enjoy your own company and listening to music... And of course, keep reading this blog and asking questions. I'll keep going over this kind of stuff because it's so easy to forget it!

    2. I'm fitter than you may imagine & in the past I did try timings as motivation, music is a passion and I never leave the house without it. I currently walk to work and home ( home is uphill) and often in my lunch hour. It's 2 miles to work and 2 miles back. I guess I am quite slow with 17 minute miles but the music influences my speed. I am trying a new playlist tomorrow that I hope will help. I will definitely be following! I also received a wedding invite today which is extra motivation. I am going to be reading every post ten times :)
      I do have a question as I was given kettle bells at Xmas to use at home - just basically if you have any DVD recommendation ?