Saturday, 18 January 2014

A quick chat about interval training

This week I have started doing some HIIT cardio training.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and I started it this week because I designed an information board for the gym on this subject, and some of the research was very interesting.

According to studies, you can lose 2% body fat in eight weeks, or up to six times more body fat than if you stuck to a steady-state cardio regime, and burn 100 more calories over the following 24 hours.

So I'm doing intervals to test it out! If you fancy joining me, I'm using a stationary bike. I can usually cycle for 30 minutes at level 12 (on our make of bike - 25 is the maximum level). So I chose levels 10 and 14 - you will need to change the levels to suit your circumstances.

Make sure you warm up! And - disclaimer - if you feel sick or dizzy or faint, please slow down, stop and take a drink! You may need to build up to the speeds and intensities I've suggested. If you don't do too much exercise at the moment, only increase the level by 2 for the intense sets.

  • Cycle for one minute at level 10 at a pretty easy speed- ie. 65 rpm
  • Then 1 minute at level 14, 75-80 rpm
  • Then 1 further minute at level 14, trying to hit 95-100 rpm
  • Repeat 6 times, taking 21 minutes altogether
I don't have any expectations, I just thought it would be an interesting experiment, and I had nothing else to post today!

I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. I used to do intervals on the treadmill with my running and it was a great kick-butt workout, plus it alleviated the boredom of just straight running. I should get back to something like that again.

    1. Running intervals are great too, Julie. I chose the bike because I'm a terrible runner, and I needed something where I knew I could go flat out. The flat out sprint is key to this specific type of interval training.

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  3. Well! HIIT is definitely useful to many. I remember going to gym for the first time in my favorite mesh cut out leggings and was told to do somewhat a similar routine but I was blank, I fainted. Then the trainer realized I am a turtle and I need not rush. It was a fun experience though.

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